Lava is a flamboyant young teen who is interested in fashion and pampering, almost as much as survival. His brother Kusha is the reason he has not been flogged by folks from here to Winterbeam.


Born in 590 A.R. My brother Kusha and I are really only 13 but are pretending to be 15 to get work and less hassle.

We were born in Armandor, as bastards. Our mother was the daughter of an Amber dealer, who dabbled in the healing arts. People would come to her to ease the pains of sickness, and because healing is so hard to do she was seen as having special powers. One day the captain of Lord Castellan Heiro Mascal’s house guard came to our mother with ailing lungs, he could not stop coughing up blood. Our mother treated them and they began a secret love affair. As a captain of the guard he had sworn his life to Lord Castellan Heiro Mascal and could not wed. That did not them from consummating their relationship, and our mother conceiving us.

While pregnant she was brought to heal Princess Sandrea Torcail who had the same affliction as our father. Her healing skills were looked upon with suspect by the Church of the Ascendant Rowan. It had only been in 583 that King Vinter Raelthorne IV passes the “Edicts Against Unlawful Sorcery and Witchcraft” outlawing sorcery, and when the word was known that our mother not only could cure illnesses, she bore twins Lord Castellan sent our father to have her brought to trial. Instead he helped her escape, and was beheaded as a traitor.

Our mother fled with us to Corvis where she practiced her healing arts in back alleys and did her best to raise us. Not three years had passed when the Infamous Corvis Coven Witchcraft Trial commences in Corvis in which five women are beheaded. Our mother, while not one of the five chose to flee to the surrounding woods to save us and herself.

As we grew our magic blossomed in unexpected and often disastrous ways, causing us to flee from towns in the dead of night as often as we fled from angry mobs. When we were 10 our mother was caught and put on trial for witchcraft after numerous testimonies of how she saved people’s lives, including the mayor’s own daughter, she was found guilt and drown.

As 10 year olds we were now left to beg and steal for food and clothing. My flamboyant behavior got us into more than one fight and though you I am older by minutes, Kusha feels it his duty to protect me. This has made him more cautious and untrusting of strangers, and one to pick a fight because it always guarantees the first punch.

Just recently we ended up in Follig after narrowly escaping Hearthstone where we had been working in tavern and it got destroyed in a fight Kusha started after someone made a comment about me.

written by Travis Eriksen


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