The Witchfire Trilogy

1/24/11 game

The party finished searching the Witches Tomb and discovered the four coffins empty and signs that they bodies had left on their own. Combined with the rest of the clues they decided that Alexia Ciannor was practicing necromancy. They returned to Father Dumas to confront him with their evidence but he refused to believe his niece could do such a thing.

They convinced the priest to let them search Alexia’s room and discovered a set of books that detailed the long forgotten catacombs under the church. While searching her room Alexia returned but was able to escape. The party chased her to a secret entrance into the catacombs.

They encountered a group of wererats in the sewers before finally finding Alexia’s hideout. They found notes suggesting that Alexia was after the weapon that was used to execute the witches as well as who the mysterious executioner was. There was also evidence that she wanted to tell father Dumas what she was up to but could not bring herself to do it.

Alexia appeared and was able to imprison all but one of them in a wall of force. She explained that she was returning the coven to life and would make those responsible for their murder pay. Before she could leave Luka who had been hiding in the shadows shot her through the knee. She reacted by putting him to sleep and limping out of the catacombs and sealing them inside. After the spell wore off they worked their way through the rest of the labyrinth and saw the evidence of Alexia’s necromancy first hand.

1/10/2011 Game

The Party investigated the remaining names on Father Dumas’ list. In doing so they discovered that all of the missing bodies had been jurors during the Witchcraft trial ten years ago. They also learned that at least one of the bodies was seen crawling out of its grave and walking away.

They encountered a group of bandits from the black hand gang near the waterfront but fended them off. It was here that they discovered “old Tug” a beat up steam jack that had been dumped as scrap metal. Dura was able to get the jack up and running but after an argument with the owner ended up crippling the jack and leaving in on the dock with the intention of returning for it later. Dura also took the time to seek out and join the Steam and Iron workers Union acing the test and earning his golden wrench pin.

The party asked some difficult questions of Father Dumas hinting that his ward Alexia might be involved in the grave robberies. He was adamant that she was not and insisted that they explore the Witches Tomb. Lava refused to leave without first seeing Lexaria’s body and although not happy about it Father Dumas allowed it.

The party left for Widower’s Wood and found the door to the Witches Tomb broken. They entered the tomb and explored a few of it’s tunnels. They found a giant Squid, a Blue Slime and a terrified Gobber but they have not yet found the burial site of the five witches.

1/3/2011 game

The party escaped a Khadorian ambush just outside Fellig only to be jumped again by Gobbers before finally reaching Corvis. They were payed for their work by Gunner Wadock and introduced to Father Dumas at the Chapel of Morrow. The priest asked them to investigate a series of grave robberies around Corvis and offered them free room and board as long as they were working on the case.

They investigated the first name on the priest’s list and met Gum the caretaker of the northern graveyard. The party learned that both bodies stolen from this graveyard had died ten years ago and this lead them to ask about the history of Corvis. They found out about the Corvis Witchcraft Trials and spoke with Father Dumas about his involvement. It turns out his sister in law Lexaria Ciannor was one of the five witches executed and he has raised her daughter (his niece) Alexia as his own daughter since.

The party wanted to check on the tomb of Lexaria Ciannor and Father Dumas reluctantly agreed. The Tomb was undisturbed and the party retired to their rooms for the night.

The Battle of Follig: Part 2

Gunner worked his way carefully down the street. More shells exploded this time closer to the center of town. He knelt behind a low wall of crates behind Havrick’s general goods store and then peeked over the top. From here he could see the barbwire fences that had been put up in the last few days. directly in front of him he could see the Gobber workshop where he had his pistol repaired after his last job. The mechaniks shop was now a burning pile of rubble. A group of Cygnarian soldiers had thrown themselves behind the rubble and looking past them Gunner could see why.

The Behemoth was standing out in the field about halfway between the tree line and the town. A Cygnar Lancer looked like a child’s toy in front of the monster. As Gunner watched the twin cannons on the Behemoth’s back exploded sending two more rounds arcing towards Fellig. He spared a glance to the western edge of the town and saw a group of Cygnar soldiers push forward around the blasted remains of the old Inne. Moving with them towards the treeline was Thunderhead. Gunner was surprised and thankful to see the famous Jack here.

In front of him the Lancer slammed into the Behemoth with it’s shield and Gunner could here the sizzle of components from the Khador Jack. He watched as the tiny jack repeated this maneuver a second time and wondered why the larger Jack didn’t just pick up the lancer and toss it back to Caspia. Meanwhile A flash from the woods to the east drew his attention. Gunner looked over just in time to see a massive blue ball of energy explode just beyond the trees. The blast splintered the old trees and sent rocks and bodies flying out into the field. Not long after that the shelling stopped and the Cygnar soldiers came trudging back out of the woods having apparently chased off the attack.

Gunner Wadock sighed and slumped back against the crates. He wondered silently to himself in anyone left in the town would be willing to sign up for the caravan now.

The Battle of Fellig: Part 1

This was not the first time Gunner Wadock had been woken up by an explosion. He opened the door to the tiny room that the Muckmire Trading Company had given him above their shop and rushed down the stairs. Another explosion shook the building but now wide awake Gunner could tell they were hitting the far side of the town. He grabbed his duster from the hook beside the front door and checked to make sure Malleus was still tucked into her holster at his waist before opening the front door.

Gunner stepped out into the cold morning air and was nearly knocked over by a panic stricken young man racing away from the fire already burning on the other side of the town. Gunner reached out and grabbed hold of the kid’s arm “What is it?” he asked turning to the boy to look at him.

“Zevanna Agha!” he squeeled “The Witch of Khador has come to take our first born and burn the rest!”

Gunner tilted his head to listen to the growing whistle of another incoming round. The boy took the opportunity to wriggle free of the older man’s grip and take off down the street. Gunner closed his eyes as the next shell exploded, feeling the ground tremble and the shock wave in his chest. Gunner shook his head in disbelief. Had Khador committed a Behemoth to attack a back water trading post like Follig?

Gunner always said “men don’t fight wars, kingdoms do” and he had no special love for Cygnar nor any real hatred for Khador. But if these red bastards cost him his 25 crowns He’d march into Corvis and sign up for the King’s Army tomorrow. Another fire erupted in the distance and Gunner guessed the Pettcarne Inne was gone. He hadn’t known the owner Patrick well but he hoped the old man had gotten out.

Gunner walked cautiously to the corner of the merchant post and looked around it down the street. A tall figure in a Cygnar blue duster was shouting orders to a group of Storm Blades. In a flash he drew a massive long sword and raised it above his head. An electric blue wall flickered around him as a mortar ricocheted off his shield and exploded further down the street. Gunner frowned “Coleman Stryker” he hissed. If there was a more pompous ass in all of Cygnar, Gunner had not met him. Still, if Stryker was here that meant Fellig had Jacks and if they had Jacks then maybe they weren’t totally pounded just yet.


Fellig is a small border town in the Northern forest of Cygnar on the edge of Ord territory. It is defended by the Cygnarian Deepwood fort and connected to Corvis by the Bramblerut road. Ord was once a sovereign kingdom but is currently under Khadorian control after their recent victory at the battle of Merin. Cygnar has threatened to push Khador out of Ord but so far that’s just talk. Meanwhile Khadorian scouts have been spotted near Fellig and the Cygnarian soldiers at the Deepwood fort have been placed on high alert.

The Muckmire Trading Company (MTC) is based in Fellig and did swift business trading with nearby cities in Ord and then sending the goods to Corvis. In the past, caravans full of tools, furs, exotic foods and spices left Fellig a couple times a month.

The last group of merchants sent into Ord by the MTC met with a terrible fate. Their horses arrived back in Fellig without any riders. Further investigation reveled the heads of the merchants packed into canvas sacks with their coin purses stuffed in their gaping mouths. This was a Strong sign that trade with Ord was no longer an option.

The MTC has decided to cut their losses so to speak and send out their final caravan to Corvis. The wagons are packed with what goods they had left and they have hired a Mercenary by the name of Gunner Wadock to lead the trip. It is a two week journey through the Thornwood forest and then Widower’s Wood. The trip is dangerous under the best circumstances but the recent Khadorian activity has made the journey especially treacherous.

Gunner has posted caravan contracts on the town’s central job board. The yellowed parchment is stamped with the MTC logo and lists the job’s details, including the pay. An attached note hand-written by Gunner asks any caravaners to bring the signed contract to the MTC office on the morning of Malleus 3rd, Ashtoven 603 A.R. (13 days from today)

For your own reasons each of you has decided to take on this job. The trip is sure to be perilous but the pay of 25 crowns is hard to resist. That kind of money could go a long way in Corvis.

Should you make it there alive.


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