The Witchfire Trilogy

The Battle of Follig: Part 2

Gunner worked his way carefully down the street. More shells exploded this time closer to the center of town. He knelt behind a low wall of crates behind Havrick’s general goods store and then peeked over the top. From here he could see the barbwire fences that had been put up in the last few days. directly in front of him he could see the Gobber workshop where he had his pistol repaired after his last job. The mechaniks shop was now a burning pile of rubble. A group of Cygnarian soldiers had thrown themselves behind the rubble and looking past them Gunner could see why.

The Behemoth was standing out in the field about halfway between the tree line and the town. A Cygnar Lancer looked like a child’s toy in front of the monster. As Gunner watched the twin cannons on the Behemoth’s back exploded sending two more rounds arcing towards Fellig. He spared a glance to the western edge of the town and saw a group of Cygnar soldiers push forward around the blasted remains of the old Inne. Moving with them towards the treeline was Thunderhead. Gunner was surprised and thankful to see the famous Jack here.

In front of him the Lancer slammed into the Behemoth with it’s shield and Gunner could here the sizzle of components from the Khador Jack. He watched as the tiny jack repeated this maneuver a second time and wondered why the larger Jack didn’t just pick up the lancer and toss it back to Caspia. Meanwhile A flash from the woods to the east drew his attention. Gunner looked over just in time to see a massive blue ball of energy explode just beyond the trees. The blast splintered the old trees and sent rocks and bodies flying out into the field. Not long after that the shelling stopped and the Cygnar soldiers came trudging back out of the woods having apparently chased off the attack.

Gunner Wadock sighed and slumped back against the crates. He wondered silently to himself in anyone left in the town would be willing to sign up for the caravan now.



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