The Witchfire Trilogy

The Battle of Fellig: Part 1

This was not the first time Gunner Wadock had been woken up by an explosion. He opened the door to the tiny room that the Muckmire Trading Company had given him above their shop and rushed down the stairs. Another explosion shook the building but now wide awake Gunner could tell they were hitting the far side of the town. He grabbed his duster from the hook beside the front door and checked to make sure Malleus was still tucked into her holster at his waist before opening the front door.

Gunner stepped out into the cold morning air and was nearly knocked over by a panic stricken young man racing away from the fire already burning on the other side of the town. Gunner reached out and grabbed hold of the kid’s arm “What is it?” he asked turning to the boy to look at him.

“Zevanna Agha!” he squeeled “The Witch of Khador has come to take our first born and burn the rest!”

Gunner tilted his head to listen to the growing whistle of another incoming round. The boy took the opportunity to wriggle free of the older man’s grip and take off down the street. Gunner closed his eyes as the next shell exploded, feeling the ground tremble and the shock wave in his chest. Gunner shook his head in disbelief. Had Khador committed a Behemoth to attack a back water trading post like Follig?

Gunner always said “men don’t fight wars, kingdoms do” and he had no special love for Cygnar nor any real hatred for Khador. But if these red bastards cost him his 25 crowns He’d march into Corvis and sign up for the King’s Army tomorrow. Another fire erupted in the distance and Gunner guessed the Pettcarne Inne was gone. He hadn’t known the owner Patrick well but he hoped the old man had gotten out.

Gunner walked cautiously to the corner of the merchant post and looked around it down the street. A tall figure in a Cygnar blue duster was shouting orders to a group of Storm Blades. In a flash he drew a massive long sword and raised it above his head. An electric blue wall flickered around him as a mortar ricocheted off his shield and exploded further down the street. Gunner frowned “Coleman Stryker” he hissed. If there was a more pompous ass in all of Cygnar, Gunner had not met him. Still, if Stryker was here that meant Fellig had Jacks and if they had Jacks then maybe they weren’t totally pounded just yet.


This is awesome – very flavorful. I am always looking for ways to different ways to approach campaigns and weaving in other games sounds like a great idea.

The Battle of Fellig: Part 1

This is a great way to get players involved in the world. I tried a similar technique where I had characters place thier alleigences and services in one of several factions and complete tasks to gain not only prestige amongst the factions, but to furthere thier chosen orginization’s military standings. I had players helping each other with quests they had received from thier factions that had similar goals, only to pit them against each-other once they had become the faction’s champions. I even had several players command forces on the battlefeild using a modified warhammer platform, using several models from both manufacturers. (This might not work in a smaller campeign, but I was running a seven member campeign, so it was definetly a challeng to please all seven)

The Battle of Fellig: Part 1

I used to live in WA and I remember many years ago attending a “con” for PA that had about 20 people show up. I wasn’t a fan then, neither of the content or the art. Today, I can’t peel myself away from your weekly PATV shows and comic strips. I am utterly amazed at your improvement and your success. PATV alone gives me a glimpse into your world that simultaneously excites me and makes me jealous of your work environment.
Seeing your recent crossover to the role of Dungeon Master, and bringing your drive and passion to a media that I enjoy more than anything, well that just makes me love PA and what you do even more.
Don’t stop posting this stuff!

The Battle of Fellig: Part 1

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