The Witchfire Trilogy


Fellig is a small border town in the Northern forest of Cygnar on the edge of Ord territory. It is defended by the Cygnarian Deepwood fort and connected to Corvis by the Bramblerut road. Ord was once a sovereign kingdom but is currently under Khadorian control after their recent victory at the battle of Merin. Cygnar has threatened to push Khador out of Ord but so far that’s just talk. Meanwhile Khadorian scouts have been spotted near Fellig and the Cygnarian soldiers at the Deepwood fort have been placed on high alert.

The Muckmire Trading Company (MTC) is based in Fellig and did swift business trading with nearby cities in Ord and then sending the goods to Corvis. In the past, caravans full of tools, furs, exotic foods and spices left Fellig a couple times a month.

The last group of merchants sent into Ord by the MTC met with a terrible fate. Their horses arrived back in Fellig without any riders. Further investigation reveled the heads of the merchants packed into canvas sacks with their coin purses stuffed in their gaping mouths. This was a Strong sign that trade with Ord was no longer an option.

The MTC has decided to cut their losses so to speak and send out their final caravan to Corvis. The wagons are packed with what goods they had left and they have hired a Mercenary by the name of Gunner Wadock to lead the trip. It is a two week journey through the Thornwood forest and then Widower’s Wood. The trip is dangerous under the best circumstances but the recent Khadorian activity has made the journey especially treacherous.

Gunner has posted caravan contracts on the town’s central job board. The yellowed parchment is stamped with the MTC logo and lists the job’s details, including the pay. An attached note hand-written by Gunner asks any caravaners to bring the signed contract to the MTC office on the morning of Malleus 3rd, Ashtoven 603 A.R. (13 days from today)

For your own reasons each of you has decided to take on this job. The trip is sure to be perilous but the pay of 25 crowns is hard to resist. That kind of money could go a long way in Corvis.

Should you make it there alive.


:D moar!


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