The Witchfire Trilogy

1/3/2011 game

The party escaped a Khadorian ambush just outside Fellig only to be jumped again by Gobbers before finally reaching Corvis. They were payed for their work by Gunner Wadock and introduced to Father Dumas at the Chapel of Morrow. The priest asked them to investigate a series of grave robberies around Corvis and offered them free room and board as long as they were working on the case.

They investigated the first name on the priest’s list and met Gum the caretaker of the northern graveyard. The party learned that both bodies stolen from this graveyard had died ten years ago and this lead them to ask about the history of Corvis. They found out about the Corvis Witchcraft Trials and spoke with Father Dumas about his involvement. It turns out his sister in law Lexaria Ciannor was one of the five witches executed and he has raised her daughter (his niece) Alexia as his own daughter since.

The party wanted to check on the tomb of Lexaria Ciannor and Father Dumas reluctantly agreed. The Tomb was undisturbed and the party retired to their rooms for the night.



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