The Witchfire Trilogy

1/24/11 game

The party finished searching the Witches Tomb and discovered the four coffins empty and signs that they bodies had left on their own. Combined with the rest of the clues they decided that Alexia Ciannor was practicing necromancy. They returned to Father Dumas to confront him with their evidence but he refused to believe his niece could do such a thing.

They convinced the priest to let them search Alexia’s room and discovered a set of books that detailed the long forgotten catacombs under the church. While searching her room Alexia returned but was able to escape. The party chased her to a secret entrance into the catacombs.

They encountered a group of wererats in the sewers before finally finding Alexia’s hideout. They found notes suggesting that Alexia was after the weapon that was used to execute the witches as well as who the mysterious executioner was. There was also evidence that she wanted to tell father Dumas what she was up to but could not bring herself to do it.

Alexia appeared and was able to imprison all but one of them in a wall of force. She explained that she was returning the coven to life and would make those responsible for their murder pay. Before she could leave Luka who had been hiding in the shadows shot her through the knee. She reacted by putting him to sleep and limping out of the catacombs and sealing them inside. After the spell wore off they worked their way through the rest of the labyrinth and saw the evidence of Alexia’s necromancy first hand.



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