The Witchfire Trilogy

1/10/2011 Game

The Party investigated the remaining names on Father Dumas’ list. In doing so they discovered that all of the missing bodies had been jurors during the Witchcraft trial ten years ago. They also learned that at least one of the bodies was seen crawling out of its grave and walking away.

They encountered a group of bandits from the black hand gang near the waterfront but fended them off. It was here that they discovered “old Tug” a beat up steam jack that had been dumped as scrap metal. Dura was able to get the jack up and running but after an argument with the owner ended up crippling the jack and leaving in on the dock with the intention of returning for it later. Dura also took the time to seek out and join the Steam and Iron workers Union acing the test and earning his golden wrench pin.

The party asked some difficult questions of Father Dumas hinting that his ward Alexia might be involved in the grave robberies. He was adamant that she was not and insisted that they explore the Witches Tomb. Lava refused to leave without first seeing Lexaria’s body and although not happy about it Father Dumas allowed it.

The party left for Widower’s Wood and found the door to the Witches Tomb broken. They entered the tomb and explored a few of it’s tunnels. They found a giant Squid, a Blue Slime and a terrified Gobber but they have not yet found the burial site of the five witches.



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